We offer a wide range of services from site inspections, design surveys and tower analysis through to installation of steelwork and general tower maintenance.


To preserve your tower, we offer an annual inspection and preventative maintenance service.

Each communication structure is given a thorough structural check-up and/or evaluation to ensure compliance with current design codes, health and safety legislation, warranty and insurance requirements. All inspections are carried out by experienced Structural/Civil Engineers and our qualified climbers are fully trained to work at height.


In the UK, loading and member capacities are calculated in accordance with BS8100 design code for lattice towers and masts.

But thanks to the software's thorough analysis package, which also adheres to global design standards, we can also evaluate and design structures worldwide.


p2ml has an unrivalled reputation in site supervision, giving tower owners peace of mind that their interests are a priority while their chosen contractors work on a structure.

Importantly, we maintain a presence while contractors are on site to ensure there is no damage to structures, we review their method statements and make sure that all work carried out is in compliance with the agreed design and the necessary risk assessments.


Don't let maintenance issues disrupt your business.

Regular checks to ensure your tower has a clean bill of health can save on costly repairs later on, and dramatically extend the structure's lifespan.

p2ml's mindset is simple - make maintenance an essential part of your routine.